Accepting failures

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Accepting failures

I used to hide myself when I fail. But once I heared the speech of my company’s previous Owner . I changed my perspective towards failure.

Current Owner, (who was the classmate of ex Owner) came to office and in his speech he said Ex Owner was a very successfull student in his academic years and he always got very high grades and teachers liked him very much and I was not even near to him in academics.

Previous owner then said in his speech that. “Yes I may be a successful student in college. But as a business man or as an company owner I failed. That is why I sold the company. So as a student I may be successful but As a business man I failed and you are still dealing with crores and you are a successful business man”. After listening to this, my respect to him got increased.

So, I realized that publicly accepting the failure will not decrease your value. It actually increase the respect to you. So I started practicing it. And I realized, yeah it is true. It helps to release or destroy the fake image which we have created about ourself in our mind. It helps the release the feeling of. failure. It helps to rise again.

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