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Two category of people

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Two category of people. Family and friends in one category and the next category is a bit big including colleagues, strangers, exes, acquaintance and so many. I used to see inactive peoples who expect nothing from anyone and who come to office at time and leave office at time. I… Read more »

The act of unlearn

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(Thanks google for the image) The act of ‘unlearn’ Yes you read it right,you may wonder what is unlearn. You may read a lot about how to learn that and how to learn this kind of topics. But what is unlearn and how it is usefull for our life. From… Read more »

Importance of Trees

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We were traveling through a road in forest, one of my relative aged more than 50Years, My mom and me. My relative was saying.. What big these trees are. Goverment could cut the trees and earn money. By listening to this, suddenly my mom got shocked and said We should… Read more »