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I always respect history, all needs to respect it always. But at this point the world needs more peace and love and humanity. I see a generation of people are getting grown without humanity. Changing the world means changing the mind. Changing the mind means changing the thinking pattern.

Here I try to introduce you two word. This articleis for those who havent heared these words before or those who havnt understand it well. Every one have the right to say there view. Here I try to present my view.

The world needs a different thinking pattern. Everyone needs to work for the peace love and humanity. I hope you have already heared the word athiest and all know what an athiest mean. But here I am talking about another concept agnostic. But word itself doesng make any sense for me at this poiny of time. So the two words which I said are

1. Agnostic thiest.
2. Agnostic athiest.

Nothing complex in these words.These are very very simple concepts or word. If you understand it correctly, defenitely your way of thinking will get changed. So what is the meaning of these words.

First one, agnostic thiest, what it means, It contains two parts.
1. You believe god exists.
2. But you know, you cannot explain that or you have no evidence to prove or you know it is impossible to prove the existence and you understand that you dont even know what it is and what is its form.

Read the above parts slowly. So it makes some sense. Right? So it is some belief with a logic right? Yes you got my point. Here adding a bit logic with the belief.

So the second one, agnostic athiest, It contains two parts.
1. You dont believe in god.
2. Still you know you cannot prove its existence or non existence. Or it is unknowable.

So yes.You read it right.That also make sense.Right? Yes in that also a logic is there.

So I hope some people will get some knowledge from this article.
Mind is something which can think in infinite dimensions. Learn more. Think, make a world with peace love humanity.

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