From where humans came?

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Today will share something which was going through my mind.

What is human. How it has got created. So many people try to describe related to god and relegion.

But what I think is, human and every existing organism is a result of some experiment. In each experiment they improved the qualities of their result. And finally the form of human came out.

When you see, everything is programmed in our cells. How to grow, color, size everything is pre defined.

But still the final product human also has so many defects and problems. So that means they droped the experiment for some reason in between without completing it.

In my view the most advanced part of our body is bones. Because it does not send pain signals. It lasts a long time even after our death.

Why the feeling pain is there. You should be alertive if something bad happened to your body.To send that data to brain they designed the pain signals to gey your immediate attention.But why pain. They initially developed in the form of pain signals. But they did not fix the defects in that pain signal to make it as a painless signal which creates the sams attention which creates the pain signal. Before that they stoped the experiment.

But still who has created it.Who did this experiments. Either they wont come back to earth or they does not exist now even in any other planets.

Today I have no scientific proof to show or submit. But lets see, in the long run I may get it. Or may be if I get some other knowledge, this perspective may get changed. Anyway I dont think I will easily get the answer.

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