How to prepare for a Campus Recruitment for a software job?

1. Confidence.
Believe in yourself. Yes believe that you can study well and you can develop the knowledge to get selected in the recruitment process. It is not that tough as you think. Learn step by step. Add bit by bit to your knowledge and skill daily. All engineers who work in software companies were once faced this process in thier life. So you can also face this with skill and knowledge.This part is a must. Build as much as confidence in your mind. If you still feel non confident, ask your mom whether you have skills or not? whether you have knowledge or not? I am sure. Definitely you have. Lets go to next part.

2. Aptitude Test
Here our action item begins. Collect aptitude questions from the internet. You can get company’s previous aptitude question papers also. Practice it one by one. Search what is the easy method to solve that problem. This part is very crucial. Because you can enter the next stage only if you clear this aptitude test round. So practice as much as questions.

3. Technical Knowledge
Learn C and C++ well. Well means very well. These two languages are the key for freshers to open their career. This is the basic knowledge you must have to talk with the interviewer confidently. After that learn DataStructure. Try all programs in Data Structure using C++. Refer

4. Communication Skill
You may wonder why I pointed this after the Technical Knowledge. Yes it has a lowest priority than technical knowledge. But you must always remember that,in an interview if you cannot explain what you know, you will not be considered as a person who has knowledge. So this part is simple. You dont need to have a good sound. You dont need to have a good pronunciation of words. You dont need to have a good grammatic knowledge. Get familiar with all technical terms related to the programming language and topics you learn. Talk confidently with what ever words you know. No flow is needed. Cut the sentences. Take time gap betweem sentences.

5. Group Discussion
The worst part of the recruitment process. Not all companies will conduct.So no need to worry much about this. If you want to clear this. You must talk, nothing else. You must talk. For that you need to learn english. Read any thing you get in english. Talk to mirror in english a lot. Talk to your friends in english.

6. Rise again
This is the most important part.Yes. Rise again, if you did not clear a company’s interview, dont feel bad. Continue your preparation. Dont lose hope. Today or tomorrow you will make it. Rise again and again.

7years ago
I got job after attending interview in a number of companies (Satyam, Kean, Ziemens, Infosys, Hexaware, L&T, IFlex, Zubex). After that recession came. But still I continued my preperation and atlast I got the Job. So try try try.If not today, then definitely tomorrow. Always keep this in mind.

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