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Morning I had a conversation with my mom.

I asked “why now a days people are dying even due to fever”?

Mom said:
In my view it is due to the fact that, people are now a days not living with the nature or their lifestyle is not connected with the nature. Living agaist the nature will harm ourself.

Nowadays children are playing with mobile or with plastic toys.And most of the time they will be an AC closed room.
They will play video games or watch tv.

Nowadays children are not even touching the soil. They are always on a tiled or granite floor. They are not playing with soil or rock. They are not playing with the plants or flowers. They are not playing with other children. They are not even breathing fresh air in our cities.

So the immune system will be always weak in children. The body is not prepared to handle most of the diseases which may come in the future also, after became adult. So the body always needs medicines to develop this immune system in our body whenever some disease come.

So, always live connected with nature.
Dont try to live against it. Live with plants, flowers and soil. Breath fresh air.

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