The act of unlearn

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The act of ‘unlearn’

Yes you read it right,you may wonder what is unlearn. You may read a lot about how to learn that and how to learn this kind of topics. But what is unlearn and how it is usefull for our life.

From the childhood itself we had already learned lots of topics and concepts and we leaned to believe that all that we learned is true and we should follow that in our life. But when the experience grows, in some situations doubt may arise in your mind like what I have learned is correct or not, do I need to re think that knowledge. But at that time what most people will do is convince themselves that what they have learned and what they know is correct and they will not be ready to agree that what they have learned is not correct. Here is the importance of unlearn comes.

When that doubt comes in our mind, we need to listen to our mind and we need to think about it and we need to analyse what we have learned is correct or not, is it good to follow the same knowledge.If you start thinking like this, your mind itself give you the answer and you will eventually learn to unlearn what you have learned and learn what is new.

For example, everyone teaches everyone that “Be Yourself”.
Most of our life we strictly follow this because from the books we learned that being yourself is the correcy way to live. But when experience grows rethink about it and analyse is ‘being yourself’ works in every situation and is it what we need to do in every situation? My answer is No. You may wonder why No. You are still not ready to unlearn what you have learned. I said analyse. Yes analyse it, consider the scenario, if you are poor and your thinking is like, you cant afford that and you cant afford this and you will assume like so may things are meant for rich and not for poor. So do you want to ‘be yourself’ and think the same way in your whole life. My answer is No. You need to change your thinking like, now I cant afford and what I can do to make it afford, what make the rich afford it and what I can do to have the same qualification rich has. So here you need to unlearn what you have learned and you need to load your mind with new learnings.

Hope it helps some people.

Rahul (RSM)

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