Importance of Trees

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We were traveling through a road in forest, one of my relative aged more than 50Years, My mom and me.

My relative was saying.. What big these trees are. Goverment could cut the trees and earn money.

By listening to this, suddenly my mom got shocked and said

We should not cut the trees as trees are one of the prime factor of existence if this earth and the living beings in it.

And more than that trees are needed here for raining.

Tree acts as a shelter for many livings. It gives shade.

It prevents soil erosion.

And last mom said in tamil

“Maram indha prakruthiyin thaai”

Means “Tree is mother of nature”.

Now i am thinking why these basic knowledge is not there for the people who have lived more than 50 Years. What and where our way of living and way of getting knowledge and experience failed.

I have written very very simple and basic matters in this. But hope atleast 10 people will get knowledge from reading this.Or they will get an idea about how we can explain the importance of trees to everyone without any age difference without hurting them. 🙂 Thanks

Rahul R (RSM)

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