Two category of people

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Two category of people. Family and friends in one category and the next category is a bit big including colleagues, strangers, exes, acquaintance and so many.

I used to see inactive peoples who expect nothing from anyone and who come to office at time and leave office at time. I thought like what a boring life they are leading.

But after some of the life incidents my perspective got changed and I realized that those inactive people are not really inactive. They are the wise smart and happy people. They dont try to make much friendship in office. They dont want to organize or co ordinate any events for the office or public. They dont want any complement from anyone.

But when I look at their life. They are building a successfull happy family life in their home. They are the people who realised the fact that the ultimate happiness lies in the family and in closed friends circle. And all other people we meet or work with are temporary just temporary.

So they dont expect anything from any one but still they expect from their family and friends. They show calm in all situation in office and public but still they fight with their friends and family.

So what I am trying to say is there is a big difference between the two category of people which I mentioned first. All those people are lucky who realised this fact early in their life.

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